Welcome to Expo 2015 Incoming special section of Maps of Treasures of Italy with the partner agency Itineris Marica Frongia for tourist accommodation

Come to Italy for business or for tourism and not take advantage to enjoy all of the great treasures offered by this nation is spending a sin, our mission is to allow you to discover every corner and amazing raccontarverlo Directory to your wishes can be fulfilled in discovering all the excellence offered by our culture and our companies.

Tourist Routes, cultural, artistic, historical and religious. Guided tours of the discovery of large and small cities, Excursions outside the door for the weekend. For more sports, nature tours, cycling and horse riding. Routes of fun and music, and for connoisseurs to enjoy the food and wine tours throughout Italy.

The cultural tours of major cities (Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence and Rome)



operas at La Scala in Milan, La Fenice in Venice and the Arena di Verona





The Alps (Dolomites, Parco del Gran Paradiso, the Group of Mont Blanc, the Alps Orobiche)




The race tracks (Monza, Ferrari in Maranello, Imola)





the great football field (Milan, Turin, Rome)





Moda Made in Italy (in the heart of Milan, Florence and Rome)


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